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Meet the Team:
13 Years of RAZBAM Simulations
Old Dog, New Tricks

RAZBAM Simulations has been creating top-notch military and civil aircraft simulations since 2003. Until recently, RAZBAM development was focused exclusively on the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. However, the team has stepped away from developing for the aged Flight Simulator X, and into the split future of flight simulations: Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D (for civil aircraft) and Eagle Dynamics' Digital Combat Simulator (for military aircraft). 

Among the ranks of RAZBAM Simulations are old dogs and greenhorns alike, collaborating from all over the world to converge on a common goal: bringing the you some of the best modern simulations that the consumer can get their hands on. Though many members of this ten-man team are contractors, there are a few core members who are RAZBAM through and through, and are here to stay. We'd like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. Better late than never, right?


Ron Zambrano, 46 | Prowler111
Owner & 3D Modeler, RAZBAM Simulations
Manta, Ecuador

Ron Zambrano, who hails from Ecuador, is a bold, aviation-loving, family man. When he's not working, Ron is spending time with his family or the ocean, as water sports (including surfing and octopus hunting) are some of his favorite hobbies.

Ron is the creator/owner, and, for a great while, the only developer for RAZBAM Simulations. He's been in this business for a long time, and has practically seen it all. A no-nonsense leader for the team, Ron knows the importance of transparency and honesty with our customers, but he also knows when it's best to keep internal projects steady and quiet.

Larry Zambrano, 54
 | Zeus67

Senior Coder, RAZBAM Simulations
Manta, Ecuador

Larry Zambrano, Ron Zambrano's brother, joined his brother's fully-proven venture in 2009. Being a Computer Systems Engineer, with nearly 30 years of experience doing jobs like network administration and software development, Larry is far from new to the world of coding...the man's nothing short of a modest mastermind, and is the primary contributor to the DCS: M-2000C's systems.

A consistent coder (but a terrible pilot...we love him though), Larry is invaluable to the RAZBAM team. Without his software experience and know-how, RAZBAM DCS development would move much slower and would be less surefooted. His laid back, honest approach to software development is a cornerstone of ours...as he reminds us, every so often, "the truth will set us free."


CJ , 33 | CptSmiley
Flight Model & Systems Coder, RAZBAM Simulations
Maryland, USA

Flight Simulation Engineer by day, Flight Simulation Engineer by night...CJ lives and breathes flight simulation...but how couldn't he, with a BS in both Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering, and an MS in Systems Engineering.

Grabbing the attention of every DCS developer back in 2012 for his high-fidelity F-16 project (which was largely a pioneering public demonstration of external flight models in DCS), CJ was quickly offered a place at RAZBAM Simulations, primarily to create external flight models for the RAZBAM T-2 Buckeye, M-2000C, AV-8B, and future projects.


Tim Taylor, 46 | Timghetta
Owner & 3D Modeler, Metal2Mesh
South Florida, USA

Tim Taylor (get the Home Improvement jokes out now), an import tuner-loving South Floridian, is the sole proprietor at Metal2Mesh, a company which earned its wings with such famed FSX aircraft as the M2KC and F-15E. Before that, Tim has worked on such projects as the Aerosoft F-16, A-10 and Seahawk/Jayhawk titles. 

No, he isn't technically a RAZBAM guy, but he's certainly earned a spot among the rest of us. Tim is one of the best modelers and texturers in the business, and we thoroughly enjoy his company and work, as we hope you do as well. He will be with us for a while to come, creating the Harrier cockpit, F-15E, and many, many more.



Hank Essers, 76 | HAE5904

Freelance Texture Artist
The Netherlands

Hank Essers has been RAZBAM's primary in-house texture artist since 2011. The oldest of the team, at 50 (or 30+20), Hank has done textures for the RAZBAM Harriers, Metroliner, and the (cancelled) T-2 Buckeye. 

In addition to RAZBAM work, Hank worked with Tim Taylor on the Metal2Mesh M-2000C (for FSX) and on the Aerosoft F-14. For now, Hank's primary work is on the exterior textures for the Tucano, which we hope to show off to you all very soon. Stay tuned!



Clarke Wardle, 49  | Mithandra
Terrain Team
Untied Kingdom

By Day Clarke Works in IT and has done for the past 30 years. he have worked in Holland, Saudi Arabia, Australia in the IT industry... By Night he is a keen Artist.

Clarke has a 11 year old son who and Clarke is keen to get into Sims, although he seems to prefer fortnight at the moment :) 



Nicole Birkett, 27  | nrazbam

Architect from Ecuador that Loves to work in 3D modeling. Have done some work in interior design and architecture, but excited to be the new member in RAZBAM team in DCS terrain development and why not an aircraft project.

Cat lady who loves dancing, playing volleyball and spending time at the beach.




James Needham, 37  | Decoy
Community Manager 
Untied Kingdom


Introducing Decoy, James has a passion for anything aviation.

Decoy been in the DCS community of many years leading one the most successful online groups. Decoy's experience within to community has helped us move to a more community focused team as well as helping with may other aspects he has certainly become a member of the family.





Leonardo Salvatore, 40  | Elwood

scv 1562780927509679139758093106585
Leonardo hails from Florence Italy and like most Italians he is a Fan of anything fast, with a huge Passion for Jets, Helicopters and sailing and with over 15 years as an Experienced team leader and senior embedded developer in software and firmware and being a member of the DCS Community for over 5 years he is certainly a great addition to the team.