Update August 22, 2018:

  • HRWR SAM Lock sound bug fixed
  • Color video showing on Monochrome Green display


Update August 29, 2018:

  • Harrier Paint kit now has the Markings and Labels within the PSD's.
    You can download the Paint kit HERE

  • NAV/INS updates including alignment and updates to the pocket guide with process (Complete but in testing)
  • VRST page updates (80% WIP some elements not populated or able to be controlled yet)
  • Corrected issue with max-G on HUD recorded with very high numbers from initialization on ground

  • Hi folks,
    This warning only applies to the new 2.5.3 release in OpenBeta:
    It seems a bug slipped by me and if you try to do a full alignment with the INS fully unaligned the system won't engage.

    The bug is in the magvar input. It won't accept any value at all and thus INS alignment cannot start.

    To solve it, go to Special Options and select the SAVED HEADING ONLY option. This options still requires that you perform an INS alignment, but it will save all required information into the INS and thus the bug will be bypassed.

    Then you can perform either a full alignment or a SHDG alignment as you see fit. Check the pocket guide for more information on INS alignment.

    I'll advise when the bug is squashed.

  •  Some people cannot believe how the ALR-67(v) RWR shows radar emitters on the display.Here's a copy of the doc forwarded to us that describes the threat bands. Still, this is a work in progress so changes can and will be made, since this document relates to the F-18 and unfortunately different aircrafts that use the same device can have different displays.


Update August 28, 2018:

  • The ALR-67(v) RWR is being updated.

    Here are the following changes:
    1. The Azimuth Display (AD) has changed.
    2. Emitters are now being discriminated into three categories: Non-Critical (SAFE), Critical (Threats) and Lethal (Attacking Threats).
    3. How the emitters are displayed in the AD depends on their category.
    4. Two filters are being implemented: Normal and Priority contacts. Limited Display.
    Normal (N) = All detected emitters (up to 16) will be shown on the AD.
    Priority (P) = Only Critical and Lethal threats will be shown.
    Limited = When selected only the first 6 Non-Critical emitters will be shown.
    5. HUD will show only Critical and Lethal threats to prevent cluttering.
    6. AD center will display RWR status.
    7. Sounds will be improved.




Update August 26, 2018:

  • Today we release the updated Pain kit for the Harrier, including the Gun pod, fuel tanks and Nozzles.
    Please download from HERE



Update August 1, 2018:

  • Added ability to use smoke pods
  • Improved gains on clickable knobs and corrected direction of flood lamp control
  • Added HUD brightness control
  • Added LHA Tarawa guns enabled
  • Updated LHA Tarawa collision model



Update July 18, 2018:
  • TACAN Steering and Offset functionality
  • Fix AI aircraft slightly above ground for AV-8B
  • Fix AI aircraft slightly above ground for LHA spots
  • Corrected transducer behavior of altimeter setting
  • Corrected DECS switch positioning (was reversed from actual aircraft)
  • VREST pages implemented for BASIC, VL, and VTO pages (WIP)
  • Corrected SKID WCA should come on in NWS switch mode (indicating Anti-skid is off)
  • Correction to slip-ball behavior
  • Correction to turn indicator behavior
  • Improved brake effectiveness when rolling
  • Corrected unable to aerial refuel empty external tanks
  • EHSD Steering and Course Line
  • Updated Magnetic Heading Navigation
  • Corrected HUD crack texture



Updated July 4, 2018:
  • Fixed external lights flashing inside of cockpit (disco strobe issue)
  • Fixed rain drops on HUD glass
  • UFC Waypoint edit and data entry logic
  • Waypoint edit via moving map and TDC
  • MPCD Compass radio logic
  • Updated LHA Tarawa model and collision model
  • Corrected braking force that was causing movement during 60% RPM engine check
  • Add keybindings for anti-ski and electrical from community (Peagle)
  • Added further keybindings and switch abstractions from community (LeCurvier and Nero.ger)
  • Removed duplicate and unused Engine Start and Engine Stop keybind, to initiate auto-start or auto-stop sequence use the commands in the "Cheat" section (default Win+Home and Win+End)



Update June 13, 2018
  • Added Single Mission - Fire Brigade
  • Added IRMAV Timeout for gimbal lock
  • Added HSED FP navigation
  • Updated KC-135 LODs
  • Quicksteer function enabled



Update June 6, 2018
  • Updated KC-135B model
  • Updated UFC font



Update June 1, 2018
  • Improved CCIP and CCRP logic
  • Corrected Laser Code issue
  • Enabled UFC Laser Code function updated
  • Corrected Altitude Sensor Selector preventing use of IRMAVs
  • Enabled Time Data function (work-in-progress)
  • Enabled UFC WPN function (work-in-progress)
  • Enabled UFC ALT function enabled (work-in-progress)
  • Corrected Drogue connector naming in KC-135 model



Update May 23, 2018

KNOWN ISSUE: KC-135 drogue positioning not correct.
  • IR Maverick slew and lock updates
  • Stabilator indicator correction
  • Corrected water flowing on and off rapidly in Landing STO mode
  • Corrected MPCD glow not going off when MPCD goes off after being on
  • Corrected minor shake due to gear model when not moving with parking brake
  • Increase canopy open/close speed to match video references
  • Canopy open/close keyboard shortcut now automatically performs unlock handle
  • Corrected Radio COMM 2 not working in UFC mode
  • Corrected ARBS/DMT TDC bug.
  • IR/TV Mavs launch constrain keyhole is now active.
  • AGM-65Es are now active. Currently the missiles themselves are bugged in DCS but ED has fixed them. We'll post a video as soon as the fix is available.
  • MPCD behavior after firing a Maverick has been updated.
  • IR/TV Mavs axis slew is now active.
  • STRS Page WPN FAIL message bug is now fixed. (The bug appears when using mavericks).
  • Weapon AUTO (CCRP) release mode improved logic, cues, and accuracy
  • NVG Brightness control